I’ve always been happy for the most part, but I think I’ve grown happier.  Your definition of happiness evolves as you grow and mature.  When you’re younger, you want things, and you believe they will bring you happiness.  But, now that I’m older, what I find brings the most happiness is balance.  I need balance to be happy in life.  For example, I am a CPA but I also teach hypnosis and meditation.  It’s feeding the different pieces of me in moderation that bring me balance and a calm happiness. 

I’m originally from Long Island and I was big into going out and clubbing and having lots of friends and things.  But, when I moved to Florida at 28, I started having panic attacks.  I had always been taken care of by others or preoccupied by my lifestyle and I didn’t know how to live without all that external influence.  So, when I moved down to Florida and didn’t know anyone, I began to have phobias and things got weird.  So, I got a therapist who was into hypnotherapy, and he taught me how to refocus myself.  That’s when I got interested in hypnotherapy and meditation.  I went to school for hypnosis and meditation, and now I help others “let go” and find peace.  I’ve even made a CD that you can purchase here of Yoga Nidra practice, a form of “yogi sleep” where you are in a state of complete relaxation but fully conscious and aware.