Drop that Funky Beet

Beets are another superfood that I have grown to love. Full of folate, magnesium, potassium, copper, and fiber, beets offer a ton of nutritional value found in both the roots and tops/greens. Beet tops are a great leafy green to include in your morning juice and an ideal source of plant based protein. Beets are

5 Things We Love About Pineapple

I have never met a pineapple I didn't like. In fact, we LOVE pineapple and this Super Food is another regular in our home. We have used them in smoothies and they are perfect for hiding healthy ingredients in popsicles for kids. Pineapple are extremely healthy and are full of nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B-Complex,

A Love Letter to My New Juicer

Dear Omega VRT350. I know we’ve only been together for less than a week, but I love you.  I just love you.  We’re still learning from each other, and no one’s perfect, but you’re the perfect one for me.  I’ll never go back to that old, toothy, wasteful juicer again.  It’s you and I for

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