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Potluck Happiness Mind and Body emphasizes the use of non-conventional, natural remedies and lifestyle.

Lunar Yoga for the Lunar Eclipse

This weekend, the "Super Moon" (a full moon that appears larger and brighter), will undergo a full lunar eclipse.  The first full moon since the Autumn Equinox, when both day and night are equal lengths, is also called a "Harvest Moon," and it will be the last of the "blood moon series" of red moons since

Growing Into A Healthy Lifestyle at College

Maintaining a healthy, clean eating lifestyle is a struggle for a lot of us. Whether balancing work, school, or family, taking care of ourselves frequently takes a back seat. Often times, we resort to convenience, which usually means bad eating habits or skipping a workout. Sometimes, a little planning to set up your week will

Dirty Secrets of Health and Beauty Products

Grab your three most common hygiene products that you use everyday.  Mine are toothpaste, deodorant, and face wash.  If you have a family, grab theirs as well.  Sophie’s are toothpaste, bubble bath, and sunscreen, and Joey’s is toothpaste, shampoo, and shaving cream.  Keep these handy, we’ll be looking at them in a moment.  Today we’re

Vow of Vulnerability

This year I have just one resolution, I will practice vulnerability daily.  The operative words in that statement are "practice" and "daily."  I'm not delusional that my vow of  vulnerability will magically turn me into an open, shameless human who can easily ask for help, demonstrate self-love, shake off shame, and dare to be 100% authentic.

Treating Chest Colds and Head Colds Naturally

I’ve debated for a long time whether to write this post about treating your children naturally (without OTC cold meds or antibiotics) for head and chest colds.  However, a day does not go by that I do not receive a text or e-mail asking how to treat some malady in a child naturally. Below you

Six Easy Steps to Mindful Eating During the Holidays

Celebrating the holidays and indulging in rich foods go hand-in-hand. For me, it starts with Halloween candy, a couple pieces here and there and continues through the end of the year from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations. There are potlucks, happy hours, holiday parties, and piles of leftovers to contend with. In the

10 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Career

We know that yoga can improve your posture, flexibility, and overall health.  But, did you know yoga can also improve your career?  By taking what we learn in yoga "off the mat," you can improve your career to achieve better results or refocus into a better path.  Practicing yoga on and off the mat brings

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