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Green cleaning tips and natural alternatives for an orderly, clean home

Dirty Secrets of Health and Beauty Products

Grab your three most common hygiene products that you use everyday.  Mine are toothpaste, deodorant, and face wash.  If you have a family, grab theirs as well.  Sophie’s are toothpaste, bubble bath, and sunscreen, and Joey’s is toothpaste, shampoo, and shaving cream.  Keep these handy, we’ll be looking at them in a moment.  Today we’re

20 Uses for Olive Oil Outside the Kitchen

Olive oil has long enjoyed the spotlight as a healthy fat, attributing to lower oxidative inflammation, lower risk of certain cancers, and lowering blood cholesterol to reduce cardiovascular disease.  However, olive oil has many more uses than as a healthy food; it can be used for home repair, green cleaning, beauty treatments and much more. 

Free Rainy Day Activities

Summertime not only brings hot sun but also intense rain showers that leave us all housebound and looking for activities to occupy our days.  In Florida, we are hit with a double whammy due to the extra strong afternoon heat and almost daily thunderstorms that drive most of us with small children seeking shelter every

3,190 Reasons I Clean My Own Home

It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I knew a working-class person who hired someone to clean their house (unless you count The Jeffersons).  It was ten years later that I made enough money to entertain the luxury of not scrubbing my own shower.  Moving on up to the east side!  I had just bought my first house,

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