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The Perfect Reusable Water Bottle Challenge

In a recent post, we talked about our search for the perfect reusable water bottle and named our favorite glass and aluminum bottles for daily use. Shortly after, we were contacted by Glasstic, a manufacturer of shatterproof glass water bottles asking if we would test out their bottles and review them. Within a week, our new

Ten Steps to a Greener Family

We can't deny that our environment cannot withstand man's behavior forever. Nor can we, as fragile humans, sustain a healthy, full lifespan in an environment filled with toxins and poisons. Living in closer harmony with the natural world may seem impossible and incredibly inconvenient, but with these ten easy steps, you'll create a greener environment

3,190 Reasons I Clean My Own Home

It wasn't until my mid-twenties that I knew a working-class person who hired someone to clean their house (unless you count The Jeffersons).  It was ten years later that I made enough money to entertain the luxury of not scrubbing my own shower.  Moving on up to the east side!  I had just bought my first house,

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