Lunar Yoga for the Lunar Eclipse

This weekend, the "Super Moon" (a full moon that appears larger and brighter), will undergo a full lunar eclipse.  The first full moon since the Autumn Equinox, when both day and night are equal lengths, is also called a "Harvest Moon," and it will be the last of the "blood moon series" of red moons since

10 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Career

We know that yoga can improve your posture, flexibility, and overall health.  But, did you know yoga can also improve your career?  By taking what we learn in yoga "off the mat," you can improve your career to achieve better results or refocus into a better path.  Practicing yoga on and off the mat brings

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Gratitude – Good for Your Heart and Health

Gratitude, the act of being thankful and appreciative is more than kindness and good manners, it is an essential part of mental and physical health. When someone expresses gratitude, they are acknowledging the positivity in their life and that good lies outside of themselves. In turn, someone expressing gratitude feels positive connections with others, the