I am ending my closet shame by April 30th! Who’s in? Its time for a full-on closet reduce, redo; reclaim my sanity!  I am constantly reminded of the need to pass along dresses that still have tags.  So much abundance just sitting and wasting away in my closet!  

I get to have a closet full of pieces that fit perfectly.  I get to feel sexy and feminine everyday.   Who’s in?  I’ve read about streamlining, “capsule closets”, and all those buzz-worthy trends.  I need something a little more creative. I need something flexible; and someone who can inherit some of my most prized pieces that just can’t live in storage. 

I would love to hear your input.  Angst?  What are your closet issues?  Have you had any wins?  HELP!!!!  

Anxiously wearing the same shorts again…..Tanya