5 Things We Love About Cabbage

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5 Things We Love About Cabbage

An acquired taste for some, cabbage is a versatile ingredient that can be juiced, pickled, grilled, sautéed, or roasted. Sturdy and rich, cabbage can last up to two weeks if stored properly in a cool place (crisper drawer of your fridge). Cabbage is available throughout most of the year and is peak in season from late Fall until the end of winter. Thanks to our Organic Buying Club, we have had a steady supply lately!

Here are 5 things we love about cabbage:  

  • One of only two ingredients needed to make your own sauerkraut
  • Full of Vitamin K, B6, B1, and C, Folate, and Manganese
  • When pickled, cabbage becomes a Superfood and a natural probiotic, promoting a healthy digestive system
  • Health benefits such as: lowers cholesterol and helps prevent cancer due to anti-inflammatory and antioxidants benefits
  • One cup of cabbage holds roughly 15 calories, making it a great ingredient for clean eating and weight loss diets.

Try this grilled cabbage recipe, we think you will love it. We sure did!

Do you have a favorite cabbage recipe? 

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