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Potluck Happiness image by Angela Starr Photography

Welcome To Potluck Happiness

Potluck Happiness is about sharing what works for us and allowing others to share their stories as well. Several years ago we found ourselves stuck in the typical American lifestyle with debt, living beyond our means, and feelings of isolation and hopelessness. Since then, we’ve taken steps to reclaim control over our lives; our health, home, and overall happiness. We are a work in progress and need all the help we can get; that’s where you come in. Our dream is to give of ourselves in the hopes that an online community of “givers” will also come to the table so we can learn from each other; grow from each other; lean on each other. Please join us here. Share how you are simplifying your life and health. Share you artwork and sell it in the Shop. Welcome and thank you!

What It’s All About

Our mission is to share our knowledge for simple living, happiness, and overall health while building a community of respected and responsible sharing.
We are not victims in our lives. We can choose to simplify, reduce our financial or environmental impact, and improve our health while reducing stress.
We promise to maintain a “safe” environment for people to share in. This means maintaining a friendly, respectful environment where people are encouraged to share their lifestyles and stories, ignore articles that don’t appeal to them, and take part in activities that do appeal to them.

* Image by the amazingly talented Angela Starr Photography