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Treating Chest Colds and Head Colds Naturally

I’ve debated for a long time whether to write this post about treating your children naturally (without OTC cold meds or antibiotics) for head and chest colds.  However, a day does not go by that I do not receive a text or e-mail asking how to treat some malady in a child naturally. Below you

Toys Come Alive – Thanksgiving Leftovers

After a long day of giving thanks, the ladies were ready for some Thanksgiving leftovers. When no one was looking, they broke out the vegetarian field roast, vegan mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, and of course some dessert. Afterwards, everyone's dresses were a little snug, so they kicked backed, relaxed, and spent some quality time together.

Toys Come Alive – Superhero Training

There was nothing dainty about tonight as the ladies showed off their toughness during Superhero training. Looks can be deceiving, and trust me, behind the dresses and pretty looks are some highly trained Superheroes. Elsa practices her balance, while Mulan and Belle display their focus and discipline with hand and hand combat. Rapunzel

Toys Come Alive – Band Practice

The princesses prepare for the upcoming holidays with a band practice. Tiana and Repunzel on vocals harmonize perfectly together while Merida, Ariel, and Snow White play the melody on their bells and xylophone.       Cinderella, Mulan, Jasmine, and Belle keep the beat with various percussion instruments.  Elsa and Aurora wait for the perfect