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The Perfect Reusable Water Bottle Challenge

In a recent post, we talked about our search for the perfect reusable water bottle and named our favorite glass and aluminum bottles for daily use. Shortly after, we were contacted by Glasstic, a manufacturer of shatterproof glass water bottles asking if we would test out their bottles and review them. Within a week, our new


Sophie threw a tantrum at Target because I wouldn't buy her a plastic toy phone she already owns. I didn't want to be in Target that afternoon, both of us unshowered and exhausted, but diaper cream is a necessity. It was 4:30 in the afternoon, but we looked like we had just rolled out of

Save $7600 and Lower Your Carbon Footprint with This One Change

We saved $7,640 this year by becoming a one-car family for just 12 months.   It hasn’t always been easily coordinated, but it wasn't impossibly difficult either.  Plus, your savings could be much higher than ours since our commute is short, our lease payment was relatively low, and I under estimated the possible repairs for