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Closet Breakdown

It’s time! Its time for a full-on closet reduce, redo; reclaim m sanity!  I am embarrassed to say that I had a full-fledged teenage closet breakdown on Saturday complete with, “I’m not going!” And screaming at my husband, “where did you put all my ‘too small’ clothes?”  Not pretty with fresh washed hair, no makeup and 20 minutes until party time.  

Live got lots of excuses, but that solves nothing.  What I need is a full makeover.  I need a closet with simple pieces that all look good together that FIT!  Does anyone else need this?  I’ve read about streamlining, “capsule closets”, and all those buzz-worthy trends.  I need something a little more creative; something flexible; and someone who can inherit some of my most prized, loved, coveted dresses that just can’t live in storage. 

I would love to hear your input.  Angst?  What are your closet issues?  Have you had any wins?  HELP!!!!  

Anxiously wearjg yoga pants again…..Tanya

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