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Growing Into A Healthy Lifestyle at College

Maintaining a healthy, clean eating lifestyle is a struggle for a lot of us. Whether balancing work, school, or family, taking care of ourselves frequently takes a back seat. Often times, we resort to convenience, which usually means bad eating habits or skipping a workout. Sometimes, a little planning to set up your week will help you find the balance needed to maximize your energy and productivity. A few weeks ago, we connected with Caroline Caruso of She is a college student obtaining her Master’s Degree at The University of Georgia. Holistic Peach shares Caroline’s journey to eat fresh, whole foods while incorporating alternative medicine into her daily life.

We look forward to collaborating with Caroline more in the future. In the meantime, enjoy this guest blog post from her titled:

“Growing Into A Healthy Lifestyle at College”.

College and unhealthy lifestyles typically go hand-in-hand. From the unlimited dining hall food to the late nights, it can be nearly impossible to be in perfect health. I will admit that I have partaken in every extreme when it comes to health. . I used to feel guilty and obsess about what I ate over the weekend because I felt like such an utter failure and glutton. I would launch into an extreme vegan diet and exercise regime until the next weekend…Thankfully, I feel way more on top of it now after I realized I had neurotic patterns involving my body.

I came to realize self-love is the key to living healthfully. Now, I realize that stressing out over past food choices will only cause you to go crazy! At college, there will be times when you can’t be sure you aren’t eating GMOs, but the experience of being with friends and the memories is worth it to me. It was also important for me to realize my motives for leading a healthy life. In the past, it was out of fear. Like many, I never want to get cancer or become so sick that I can’t lead a satisfying, independent life. However, I realized that a healthy lifestyle is the greatest act of self-love you can have. It helped to shift my perspective to lead a healthy lifestyle from a place of fear to love. You are literally nourishing your body, so you can be an instrument of service to this world with whatever unique gifts you have.  You will never be in “perfect health,” and it’s important to be kind to yourself no matter what you do! Here are my go-to tips to live a healthy, memorable college lifestyle:

  1. Prepare and cook healthy meals on a Sunday, so you have options ready to go for your busy week.
  2. Only eat out with friends, so you can help your wallet and limit your exposure to less desirable food choices like hidden refined sugar and GMOs
  3. Practice regular self-care like reading self-help books to bolster your body image and self-worth
  4. Assess where you are getting your exposure to “healthy living.” There are many lifestyle blogs and social media accounts that instill fear about food usually with unsupported claims.
  5. Remember that each person responds differently to diet and exercise regimens, and your sweet spot for optimal health will probably take years to perfect.
  6. Be aware of what makes you feel good and what doesn’t! Try to write down a food log if you are experiencing unpleasant symptoms to try to pinpoint what makes you feel bad. You can extend this journal to include your daily activities, stressors, and self-care actions.

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