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Lunar Yoga for the Lunar Eclipse

This weekend, the “Super Moon” (a full moon that appears larger and brighter), will undergo a full lunar eclipse.  The first full moon since the Autumn Equinox, when both day and night are equal lengths, is also called a “Harvest Moon,” and it will be the last of the “blood moon series” of red moons since 2014.  Although visibly full Saturday through Monday, the actual full moon will be Sunday night, September 27th at approximately 11 p.m.  The eclipse will be visible starting around 9:00 p.m. and finishing a complete cycle a little past midnight.  For a sneak peek at the eclipse, check out this simulation with exact times.  

During an eclipse, the Sun and Moon, typically opposing forces, are joined in their path.  In a Lunar Eclipse,  the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon at the Full Moon, casting a shadow on the Moon at the moment of the Full Moon and blocking the Sun’s Light from reflecting.  Since the moment of the full moon is typically seen as a moment of illumination, t may feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you as it goes dark.  This may feel especially disturbing to those affected by Mars in retrograde through October 9th.  As the Sun moved into Libra on Sept 23rd, and the moon will be in Aries, the energy attached to the Harvest Moon and eclipse is Libra/Aries.  Those with Libra/Aries in their charts may feel especially challenged by the eclipse with reverberations for a few months.  

There are several ways to approach the significant astrological event:

  • Use the retrograde to slow down and reflect on your path, your intentions, and your future;
  • Use the lunar moon challenge to relationships be a time to sweep out any harbored resentment.  Revisit your issues or sticking points and put them to rest.
  • Use the Harvest Moon to ground yourself with a lunar yoga routine (see below),  or practice grounding through Mountain Pose and Half Moon.   
  • Use the observation of the Lunar Eclipse as a time to connect meditatively with those everywhere watching it.  Close your eyes and chant Om, the vibration of all living things.  Get connected!
  • Practice yoga or meditate near water.  The Moon’s effects on the tide with its reflection can be both inspiring and humbling.  

May the New Moon bring you change in the best possible way.  Om shanti shanti shanti (Peace, peace, peace).



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