Cheers to a Happy, Hydrated New Year!

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  • Water Intake for Optimal Health

Cheers to a Happy, Hydrated New Year!

If improving your health is on your New Year’s Resolution list, increasing your water intake is an easy and healthy way to do just that.

  • As motivation, here are some helpful facts about water in your body:
  • Your muscles are made up of 75% water
  • Your brain is 90% water
  • Your blood is 83% water
  • You bones even contain 22% water

Needless to say, when you drink enough non-caffeinated liquids (think water, herbal teas, and natural fruit juices)m your body will work better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll even look better.

An easy rule to remember is to drink half your body weight in ounces. However, that is a minimum. I have found that by drinking my body weight in ounces is my ideal goal for daily intake. If I am a little under from day to day, then I am no worse off since I always drink at least half my body weight. Additionally, my diet, if including dry, non-liquid foods such as flour, sugar, bread, and other simple carbs may dehydrate me thereby requiring more than the Minsk amounts of water. To calculate your water intake, weigh yourself, dived by 2 and convert that number to ounces. For example, a 200 lb man should drink 100 oz of water daily.

Now that we know how much to drink, why should we drink it? There are multiple reasons to drink more water. For one, drinking enough water helps you lose weight. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and takes us room in our stomachs where we normally would put food. That old adage about drinking a cup of water before sitting down to eat is for that very reason, to feel fuller. Water has no calories, and helps flush all toxins from your body, including any water retention, water retention can happen to us when we don’t drink enough water, consume too many simple carbs, and/or take medications.

Water also makes you more attractive by improving your hair and skin. It aids in replenishing tissue, maintaining elasticity and suppleness, as well as combatting dry skin. Enough water in your system plumps up your skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Why pay for beauty products that promise the same effects that drinking water can give?

In addition to drinking water, there are several foods that contain large percentages of water. Incorporate them into your diet for even more water intake and satiation.

Bell peppers

Here’s to a healthy, happy, hydrated New Year! Cheers!

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